What if there is no improvement in my injury after receiving treatment?

By Malcolm | 24th October 2016 | General

If there is no improvement in your injury then this is a time for patience and honesty. We all want to get healed instantly but ask yourself these five questions:

1) Is it time to get some help?

If you've been treating yourself and are seeing no improvement you really should seek the help of a professional.

2) Have you been doing the rehabilitation exercises you've been given?

As frustrating as it can sometimes feel doing rehabilitation exercises there is a reason to them. If you're not doing them correctly and thus not giving your body a chance to recover you can't blame the specialist.

3) Have you got frustrated and pushed a bit harder or gone quicker because it felt good but that's aggravated the injury afterwards?

On the road to recovery there will be times when we notice an improvement and get a bit carried away. Patience is key so, although it's frustrating, focus on the long term and don't risk aggravating the injury.

Receiving physiotherapy treatment

4) Are things progressing in line with what the therapist told you?

We would all love an instant fix but sadly it does take time and hard work to recover. If you are progressing in line with the treatment providers expectations then that is a good thing.

5) Have you told the treatment provider how you feel?

Communication is key. A therapist can only learn so much by feel and the more you have a two way dialogue the easier it will be to get to the root cause of the problem. Everyone is different so if you're finding one set of exercises isn't working then tell the therapist so they can try something else.

Having said all that sometimes things just don't work out and for whatever reason you have no improvement with that therapist or you just don't feel it's working out. Do not be scared to have this conversation andmost therapists will be happy to recommend a different approach to take or refer you to someone else. Alternatively use Sports Injury Fix to find someone else.

Whatever your experience of a therapist please leave a review onSportsInjuryFix.comto help others in your situation.

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